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2014 AR Registration is Open — Salish Sea Potlatch

Join us May 8th through the 11th in Roche Harbor for the 2014 Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association ren­dezvous! We have over 60 boats reg­is­tered already!



Questions? Shoot us an email at rendezvous@psgbowners.org.

3.8.14 - Click here for the pre­lim­i­nary sched­ule of events

More ren­dezvous info is here


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2014 Annual Rendezvous Thursday — Sunday, May 8 — 11

Salish Sea Potlatch: Exposition on the 2014 Annual Rendezvous Theme

The theme of this year’s Annual Rendezvous is “Salish Sea Potlatch.” Curious? Read on.

Some def­i­n­i­tions are in order.

Salish Sea: The body of water encom­pass­ing Desolation Sound and the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of San Juan de Fuca, and Puget Sound. The name was cre­ated by a marine biol­o­gist in 1988 to des­ig­nate the above marine ecosys­tem and to honor the Coast Salish peo­ples. It is now an offi­cially rec­og­nized title, accord­ing to learned sources. See more. http://staff.wwu.edu/stefan/salish_sea.shtml

Potlatch: A cer­e­mo­nial feast given by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest in which every­one receives a gift. The pot­latch has had many uses, but here is an inter­est­ing  one that might be valu­able one day. “If an impor­tant per­son fell off a canoe, a small but ele­gant and costly pot­latch would be given to off­set the humil­i­a­tion of the fall. You could not be laughed at. You could not lose dig­nity.” See http://nativeamericans.mrdonn.org/northwest/potlatch.html

“Salish Sea Potlatch” will pro­vide ter­rific oppor­tu­ni­ties to social­ize and have fun in Fabulous Roche Harbor. Join us Thursday, May 8th through Sunday, May 11th. Mark your cal­en­dar now and stay tuned to this site for the addi­tional infor­ma­tion that will soon emerge.

A Video Invitation to the 2014 GB Annual Rendezvous


John Henson, Lily Jung Henson, and Brian Pemberton are the 2014 Annual Rendezvous Co-Chairs.

Shoot us an email at rendezvous@psgbowners.org if you have ques­tions. New infor­ma­tion will be posted here as soon as we receive it.

Replacing the Flybridge Steering Cable

I recently replaced the steer­ing cable between the fly­bridge and the lower helm on Archimedes, our Grand Banks 42. The project was sur­pris­ingly easy and inex­pen­sive. Since many of our Grand Banks are get­ting on in years, I though the process might be of inter­est. It’s a fairly long post. Rather than post it all here, I’ll just point you to my blog for all the details.


mvArchimedes Replacing the Flybridge Steering Cable

Please let me know if you have ques­tions or suggestions.

Keeping stuff organized

This arti­cle was writ­ten by Rusty Lewis of the Archimedes and orig­i­nally appeared on his blog.

I don’t know about your boat, but we have col­lected a drawer full of man­u­als and doc­u­men­ta­tion for the var­i­ous elec­tron­ics and giz­mos on Archimedes. While we occa­sion­ally ref­er­ence one from time to time, they mostly just take up space. Our solu­tion is an iPad and an app called Good Reader ($4.99).


All the man­u­als we need are avail­able in elec­tronic pdf for­mat. An iPad is the per­fect medium for stor­ing and view­ing these doc­u­ments. There are other tablets and other doc­u­ment reader apps. This is just the com­bi­na­tion we are using.

Good Reader allows us to down­load the man­u­als, orga­nize them, and view them as needed. We also keep elec­tronic copies of impor­tant papers like reg­is­tra­tion, insur­ance, radio license, and EPIRB reg­is­tra­tion on the iPad. It never hurts to have back up copies of the impor­tant stuff. Good Reader does much more than we use it for. It can con­nect to iCloud, Drop­box, and a num­ber of other ser­vices to retrieve pdf’s. Fol­low the link above to see what else it can do.

Good Reader is a fine way to read the lat­est copy of North­west Yacht­ing too!


Post 2013 Rendezvous Survey

We had a great turnout at the 2013 Puget Sound Grand Banks Rendezvous. About 60 boats and their valiant crews attended. But … we have almost 500 mem­bers. Wouldn’t it be amaz­ing to have most, if not all, at the next rendezvous?

We would love to have those that attended weigh in on what would make the ren­dezvous even bet­ter next year. For those who attended, please take a moment to com­plete our sur­vey. Just ten ques­tions. Short and easy.

Click here to take the sur­vey and help make the next ren­dezvous fantastic

We thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

We are work­ing dili­gently on insight­ful ques­tions to sur­vey those who did not attend.

More light, less power

This arti­cle was writ­ten by Rusty Lewis of the Archimedes and orig­i­nally appeared on his blog.

Archimedes came to us with flu­o­res­cent over­head light­ing. The fix­tures are about 12 inches long and built into recesses in the ceil­ing. Each fix­ture holds one ten watt tube. Sadly, they don’t pro­duce much light. In fact, a pre­vi­ous owner went so far as to line the insides of the recesses with alu­minum foil in the hope that would reflect a bit more light. I don’t think that was ter­ri­bly effec­tive. The tubes just don’t put out much light.

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