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HMS Victory…Whether you need to or not! We’re not sure you really need to know this in particular– but what the heck, it might just help you score points at the next cocktail reception. Especially if someone asks you what you’re drinking, and you say just your daily ration of rum… CLICK HERE! (PS: That’s Nelson’s flagship, the H.M.S. Victory…now standing by at Portsmouth Dockyard. She was– and for the most part, still is!– outfitted with 90 “Great Guns”…and the necessary cannon balls.) Continue reading


SurvivorsIt’s a frightening story. And listen, you never know when your cooler and/or some passing birds may be the most critical elements of your life! It seems that these two very desperate, very dehydrated young men were found bobbing in a bathtub-sized cooler off Australia after spending 25 days adrift. They had been aboard a 30-foot wooden fishing boat that sank Dec. 23 with a crew of 20 from Thailand and Myanmar. There was no sign of 18 other crew members. ” (Wait just a minute…20 men on a thirty foot boat out fishing 200 miles off-shore in the middle of the ocean? Any of you GB 32′ owners have any thoughts about that? We say “don’t go that way!”) Continue reading