Monthly Archives: May 2009

Rendezvous Post Mortem? (5/09)

Yeow! Such a title generally refers to a review of the dead! Buy Holy Cow, Rendezvous 2009 was anything but dead. We’ve had some very nice accolades come in…clearly people, once again, had a really good time. And already, there’s talk about next year’s event. Now, there’s no one better qualified to speak to that than our own Bill Douglass, this year’s Rendezvous Chair. He’s the one who calls his own review of the just-past event a “Post Mortem”! We, on the other hand, choose to see it as a darn good summary of how things went this year, along with some great suggestions for next year. We have a copy of Bill’s write-up for you persual, and offer it here with the proviso that, if you read it, you’ll think to add your own thoughts about this year’s event… in anticipation of an even better one next year! Bill’s review is a one-page pdf file. Download it here!

INSIDER INFO (For Volunteers Only!) (5/1/09)

Don’t you love peeking at messages not necessarily intended for your eyes? Here’s one that contains some very positive, very encouraging info that we might all want to hear…about some of the specific plans for the up-coming rendezvous. We thought we’d share this with you, but remember– YOU DO NOT KNOW where you heard it! See you at Roche! Continue reading