Hello to all:

We, your board, hope this letter finds you well and in great spirits for this year’s event. As we draw closer to the summer cruising season and our annual event in Roche Harbor we wanted to let everyone know how things are shaping up. We have a great lineup of activities that have been posted on our new and much improved website. Please check out the website; www.psgbowners.org . There are a number of blogs for all to use. Please post your comments and questions or just ideas to make our cruising family of Grand Banks better informed. 
Your board is just about finished finalizing the last few details with Roche Harbor. This event will be great fun and will have something for everyone to enjoy. We will kickoff Friday evening with our pot-luck appetizers and hosted wine bar. Please remember to make enough for ten and also bring an ingredient card for those who may have food allergies.
We have brought back our sponsors to this year’s event, they will be; Grand Banks LTD, Native Bright Works, Wells Fargo Insurance, Seaview Boat Yard, NW Explorations, Pacific Power Batteries and American Diesel. During the event we have tried to make time so you will have time to talk with everyone about current projects, problems or just say hello.
There has been a slight change up to your PSGBOA Board Roster. Ken Bowles is now your acting Treasurer. Your registration payments can be made out to PSGBOA and sent to:  

Ken Bowles, Treasurer, 2420 Bigelow Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109
There is a registration link on the website that can be printed off, filled out and sent to the above address. Remember there is limited space for Chef William Shaw’s demonstration, so if you are interested in this activity it will be a first to register event. There is only room for 70 participants.
I ask you please register as soon as possible, so we have a boat count to give to Roche Harbor. For those that will be joining us by land please contact Roche Harbor and let them know what type of room you would like and don’t forget to tell them your with PSGBOA we have special room rates set up.  
Last, but not least, I want to take time out to thank you for this opportunity to head up our board. More importantly, I want to personally thank all the board members for their unselfish help and hard work that they have put forth in all that has been accomplished this year. 
Bill Douglass, Past Chairman
Ken Bowles, Past President-Present Treasurer
Lynne Thompson, Secretary
Dominique France
Bill Davis
Scott Blake
David Hansel Grand Banks 
Kim Nance, Webmaster extraordinaire
When you see these individual’s please show them your appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication. We, your board, look forward to seeing you on the docks at Roche Harbor. 
Kind Regards, 
Greg Richmond