Replacing the Flybridge Steering Cable

I recently replaced the steering cable between the flybridge and the lower helm on Archimedes, our Grand Banks 42. The project was surprisingly easy and inexpensive. Since many of our Grand Banks are getting on in years, I though the process might be of interest. It’s a fairly long post. Rather than post it all here, I’ll just point you to my blog for all the details.

mvArchimedes Replacing the Flybridge Steering Cable

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.

3 thoughts on “Replacing the Flybridge Steering Cable

  1. Don Knipe

    Did you replace the metal pinching tubes also? Mine are worn thru by the cables after 40 yrs and I am not sure how to correct this.
    Don Knipe

  2. David

    If the drum that the cable is wound around slips on the shaft (as mine did) there are set screws on the drum that can be tightened . One the upper helm there are three 3/16 hex set screws; one to hold the cable to the drum and two that hold the drum to the shaft. Thanks for your help Rusty.

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