Monthly Archives: July 2010


Hello to everyone in the Grand Banks Community! 

I hope you are having a fun summer and getting out on your Grand Banks.

For the fourth of July, PSGBOA had their first informal get together in the south Sound.  If you missed it, you missed a very good time.

We had four boats join up and others were in the area. During the weekend we were all able to take care of the world’s problems over a few bottles of wine and some great food. Bill and Brenda Davis had some great Maine jokes and Marshal and Shelby were great hosts, inviting everyone to their 42 Europa. The fireworks were fantastic as always.

Fireworks in Quarter Master Harbor 2010

Fireworks in 2010

Our next outing will be Aug. 21/22 at Deer Harbor on Orcas Island.  If you are planning to go, get your reservations now or plan on being on anchor.  Lynne Thompson and Norm Hubbard, aboard the North Star, will be snagging a picnic table and drinking wine on the docks on Saturday night.  Bring a cocktail and join other PSGBOA members.

We’d like someone to volunteer to be the informal hosts of a get together Labor Day weekend at Poulsbo.  Anyone interested? 

Most of us boat in the winter.  Does someone have an idea for a winter get together?

Greg Richmond PSGBOA President