Keeping stuff organized

This article was written by Rusty Lewis of the Archimedes and originally appeared on his blog.

I don’t know about your boat, but we have col­lected a drawer full of man­u­als and doc­u­men­ta­tion for the var­i­ous elec­tron­ics and giz­mos on Archimedes. While we occa­sion­ally ref­er­ence one from time to time, they mostly just take up space. Our solu­tion is an iPad and an app called Good Reader ($4.99).


All the man­u­als we need are avail­able in elec­tronic pdf for­mat. An iPad is the per­fect medium for stor­ing and view­ing these doc­u­ments. There are other tablets and other doc­u­ment reader apps. This is just the com­bi­na­tion we are using.

Good Reader allows us to down­load the man­u­als, orga­nize them, and view them as needed. We also keep elec­tronic copies of impor­tant papers like reg­is­tra­tion, insur­ance, radio license, and EPIRB reg­is­tra­tion on the iPad. It never hurts to have back up copies of the impor­tant stuff. Good Reader does much more than we use it for. It can con­nect to iCloud, Drop­box, and a num­ber of other ser­vices to retrieve pdf’s. Fol­low the link above to see what else it can do.

Good Reader is a fine way to read the lat­est copy of North­west Yacht­ing too!


2 thoughts on “Keeping stuff organized

  1. Ken Bowles


    Great tip on Good Reader app. I have been using the Adobe Reader app for my iPad which I have found interesting, certainly better than Apple’s iBooks, but perhaps still lacking in features compared to Good Reader, though it is free. In looking around, I also came across PDF Max Pro. Same price. I would be interested to know how they compare.

  2. Rusty Post author

    I don’t know anything about the Adobe reader app. One of the things I like about Good Reader (and there may be better choices, this is just the one I am familiar with) is the ability to download a variety of content from different sources. Good Reader is not limited to PDF files and can sync with Dropbox, iCloud, Skydrive, Google Drive, and a number of other sources.

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