2 thoughts on “Grand Banks Floor Mats: Small and Large

  1. Michael Lynch

    I have a GB EU 47, moored in Vancouver BC. Are you selling these mats? Would love to buy a few in this colour or in Navy.

  2. Word Press

    Unfortunately this was just a “one time” thing for last years Rendezvous and we do not currently have any plans for doing another batch. At least not until next year’s Rendezvous!

    You might check with a local Bellingham company, Bergen and Company (https://bergenandco.com), about having some made. They have the required artwork from Grand Banks and I *think* they are able to make the mats. They might be able to mail them to you or if you wait awhile, could pick them up once the border is open again.

    Good Luck and let us know if you learn anything!

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