Important Announcement about the 2021 Grand Banks Rendezvous!

Our big event is just three weeks away and we are looking forward to seeing you all at Roche Harbor.  We would have never expected that we would still be dealing with the effects of the pandemic. However, the reality is we still need to be careful, responsible and provide safe activities for all of our attendees. To that end we have made a change to the program that will allow us to meet more safely, comply with all the state mandated safety protocols, and still make this a memorable Grand Banks event.

The only change is that we are canceling our catered dinner in the big tent on the lawn on Friday. We do this reluctantly, but we felt, and Roche Harbor concurs, that this might not be the best time to serve a buffet dinner to 200 people in a confined space.  This is the only event we had to cancel and an appropriate refund will be provided to all already registered attendees.

We are still excited about all the seminars and discussions we have planned. Our Women on the Water training will happen as planned.  Our trip to the winery is an event not to be missed.  Our nightly receptions will go on as planned and even our Saturday entertainment will still take place as planned, only it will happen on the docks.

Our pot luck reception will be on Thursday and we ask that everyone bring heavy appetizers, enough to feed 10-15 people. As an added bonus, Roche Harbor has offered free moorage on both Wednesday and Thursday for our attendees.

I am sure you all understand why we took this action but we are confident that this year’s event will be memorable without a catered dinner.

f you have not yet registered, please join us! You can register here:

See you soon at Roche!

2 thoughts on “Important Announcement about the 2021 Grand Banks Rendezvous!

  1. Steven Slaton

    Is there an overall schedule of events for the rendezvous? I apologize if I either missed it or can’t find it. Please post or send me an overall schedule. I have already signed up and paid.

  2. Word Press Post author

    Sorry Steven that your post here was missed. But for future reference, we do not distribute the schedule ahead of time, other than the general schedule that is part of the Registration signup. Days and times for the bigger events for example. But the seminars and speakers can change and get juggled around so we like to give ourselves some flexibility. Please feel free to contact us though if you have some specific questions you need answered for your own planning purposes.

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