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It’s Just That We Love These Boats!

Join us! Fly the PSGBOA burgee with pride.The Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners Association is an informal group of Grand Banks, Eastbay, Aleutian and other American Marine boat owners– currently over 400 families strong. We hold a Spring Rendezvous each year…usually the second weekend in May.
If you are a Grand Banks, Eastbay, Aleutian or other American Marine boat owner and cruise the waters of Puget Sound, The San Juan Islands, or The Gulf Islands, or in British Columbia… please join us. Send us your name, email address, postal address, boat name, GB hull number and year… and you will be added to our list (Click on “Join Us!” from top menu).

Re the above note…we’re trying, from now on, to communicate with everyone by e-mail and through our web site, so be sure to see that we have your current email address if you want to be kept in the loop!

Always, always…we can use volunteers…to help with mailings, organizing events…and in particular– producing the once-a-year rendezvous that has become the best annual Grand Banks gathering on planet earth. How to connect? Easy…just send an email!

And by the way, if you need a source for just about anything, boating-wise, check out our Sponsors page. The companies listed help support PSGBOA. They would appreciate your business in return.

We’ve said it elsewhere, we’ll say it again here: We like hearing from you! We’re always looking for news, cruising stories, notes on repair/maintenance/enhancement projects, etc., etc. Drop us a note by e-mail. Send pix and other attachments. (Click on “Contact Us” in left column.) If need be, we can follow up by phone.

Be a part of the largest informal group of Grand Banks owners in the world

2024 PSGBOA Board of Directors:

  • President: JJ Jones
  • Treasurer: Byron Richards
  • Secretary: Janice McLaughlin
  • Rendezvous Chair: Carol Harriman
  • Past President: JJ Jones

Members at large:

  • Mike Aiello
  • Patt Aiello
  • Connie Bentley
  • Ken Bowles
  • Stan Campbell
  • Kay Campbell
  • Amanda Costigliola
  • Mike Costigliola
  • Liz Fischer
  • Kathy Jones
  • Sue Hunt
  • Greg McLaughlin
  • Jerry Norman
  • Ross Tennant
  • Mary Ann Savinsky
  • Lou Tauber
  • Jae Tauber
  • Kathie Walker
  • Teresa Wills

Website Administrator:

  • Rusty Lewis

Please send suggestions for improvement, comments and input. We want this website to be a great resource of information for our members! Click here to send us an email.

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4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Rusty

    Thank you for enquiring. At this time, we do not accept classified ads on our site. If there is sufficient interest, we would be happy to revisit this.

    I apologize for editing you comment, but it was necessary to be consistent with our policy.

  2. Dennis Kenny

    Two quick items: 1. are you considering a member classification for former GB owners, especially if interested in finding another suitable GB to own, co-own, or charter; 2. because of #1, I second the point about classifieds — I, too, would be interested in such a feature, provided postings all relate to GB matters and are non-commercial. (feel free to edit or ignore in the thread)

  3. Leslie Simmons

    Hi Dennis, Thanks for your comments; we currently do not have the capacity within our volunteer-driven organization to maintain a classified-style listing system or message board. We do have supporters of our organization that represent used boats for sale (eg NW Explorations and Stan Miller Yachts), and would encourage you to contact them. We do have some ‘members’ who do not currently own a Grand Banks; if you would like to be on our email list (and are not already), we would be happy to add you.

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