Our 2009 GB Rendezvous

2009 GB Rendezvous photo 1What a great weekend! Weather was touch and go on Wednesday and all the boats got a thorough rinsing Wednesday night (all night). But Thursday dawned to clearing skies and it was beautiful all weekend. The more relaxed social tone seemed to be appreciated by most. We had a total of 95 boats which was more than we dared hope form thus economy. Quite a few newcomers Boats Included everything from 2 of the early Chantyman models (Chantymen?) to the latest 47EU and the 72 Aleut.

2009 GB Rendezvous photo 2The new 41 showed up as promised – what a boat! A good value relative to other new boats and an impressive piece of engine/drive technology. I was lucky enough to have a chance to go out on a sea trial full tilt at 27 kn, she could turn in a diameter about 1.5 times her length.

The Friday potluck dinner proved quite popular Bob Smith gave yet another wonderful talk on diesel engines with a focus on the Lehman. There were also talks on batteries, first aid, radar, weather, our resident Orcas, circumnavigating Vancouver Island how to avoid calling the tow service and even knitting .We offered an Open House to visit others’ boats and share Ideas as well as contact info. There were free C.G. Aux safety inspections and a dog/cat show plus lots of kinds activities to give the parents a rest.

Paying tribute to Bob LivingstonSaturday evening provided an opportunity to pay tribute to Bob Livingston who is retired after 35 years of building GB to what it is today. He and his wife Mary attended along with Bob and Pat Phillips as well as several members of the Seattle corporate office.

All in all, a great weekend. For those of you who attended and didn’t put yours in the box there, please remember to send in the survey form and give us your honest feedback. This is your Rendezvous!

Thanks to everyone who participated and we hope to see you all again next year.

Ken Bowles
President: PSBGOA 2009