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2014 Annual Rendezvous Thursday – Sunday, May 8 – 11

Salish Sea Potlatch: Exposition on the 2014 Annual Rendezvous Theme

The theme of this year’s Annual Rendezvous is “Salish Sea Potlatch.” Curious? Read on.

Some definitions are in order.

Salish Sea: The body of water encompassing Desolation Sound and the Strait of Georgia, the Strait of San Juan de Fuca, and Puget Sound. The name was created by a marine biologist in 1988 to designate the above marine ecosystem and to honor the Coast Salish peoples. It is now an officially recognized title, according to learned sources. See more.

Potlatch: A ceremonial feast given by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest in which everyone receives a gift. The potlatch has had many uses, but here is an interesting  one that might be valuable one day. “If an important person fell off a canoe, a small but elegant and costly potlatch would be given to offset the humiliation of the fall. You could not be laughed at. You could not lose dignity.” See

“Salish Sea Potlatch” will provide terrific opportunities to socialize and have fun in Fabulous Roche Harbor. Join us Thursday, May 8th through Sunday, May 11th. Mark your calendar now and stay tuned to this site for the additional information that will soon emerge.

A Video Invitation to the 2014 GB Annual Rendezvous

John Henson, Lily Jung Henson, and Brian Pemberton are the 2014 Annual Rendezvous Co-Chairs.

Shoot us an email at if you have questions. New information will be posted here as soon as we receive it.

Women on the Water at the Rendezvous

This article was written by Kim Lewis of the Archimedes and originally appeared on her blog.

One thing notable about most cou­ples who take to boat­ing is that when it comes to dock­ing (or gen­er­ally nav­i­gat­ing in tight quar­ters), you’re most likely to find the male at the helm. Note that I didn’t say all, as we have encoun­tered cou­ples where this was not the case at all, it’s just that gen­er­ally speak­ing, it’s the guy who takes the boat into the slip, and the gal who’s stand­ing ready to tie up ashore.

RKL_2587 Continue reading

A message from your 2013 Rendezvous Chairs

Greetings Salty Friends ~

As the days are getting longer, our minds start to wander….”where ever should we go on our boats this year”….Make your first stop the 2013 Grand Banks Rendezvous!  This is a great way to start your summer cruising or just another excuse to get out on your boat. Great food, great friends and (fingers crossed) great weather.

It is time to run to your post box and check your mail. You should fine your “SAVE THE DATE” card. Please post this to your reminder board, refrigerator or whatever you might use for those gentle (and not so gentle) reminders.

This year’s Rendezvous will be held May 9th thought May 12th at the ever beautiful Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. This schedule is currently being worked on and we hope to make it another great year with fun topics and activities for everyone. Rumor has it that “CARNAC THE MAGNIFICENT” will make an appearance! One can hardly wait to hear what stories he has to share with our crew….

This year, we will have a theme to our gathering ~ South of the Border Fiesta! Gather those sombreros, hot pepper lights and let’s party like animals!

Afraid you won’t know anyone? Never fear, there are only friends here!


Spring will be here before you know it, so keep an eye on our website for additional event information and registration details.

Hope to see you in May!

Brenda & Bill Davis
2013 Grand Banks Rendezvous Chairs

2010 Summer Cruises

Welcome to the 2010 summer cruise Blog. We, as a group, have expanded our already great rendezvous to add summer cruises. The first cruise will be held on the Fourth of July in Quarter Master Harbor. This will be a raft/tie up stern to bow. The fireworks are fantastic, bring all your family and friends and we can celebrate in great style. For those with pets there is beach access nearby. We can have a potluck the night of the Fourth or just lay back and have a great weekend.

For those who want to come, we will meet Saturday, the third of July, in Quarter Master Harbor. Whoever is there first, pick a good spot. As you turn the corner into the inner bay, monitor channel 69 for directions for tying up. Hope to see everyone there.

For more information email Greg Richmond (

Our 2009 GB Rendezvous

2009 GB Rendezvous photo 1What a great weekend! Weather was touch and go on Wednesday and all the boats got a thorough rinsing Wednesday night (all night). But Thursday dawned to clearing skies and it was beautiful all weekend. The more relaxed social tone seemed to be appreciated by most. We had a total of 95 boats which was more than we dared hope form thus economy. Quite a few newcomers Boats Included everything from 2 of the early Chantyman models (Chantymen?) to the latest 47EU and the 72 Aleut. Continue reading


Here’s an intriguing option! The Irev, with a crazy futuristic design and a host of features, is your new party barge!

The Irev, with a crazy futuristic designThis Interactive Recreational Entertainment Vessel seats up to 10 people inside its circular decks, and features a central low smoke charcoal grill that can be swapped for a number of other centerpieces, an outboard electric 2-5 hp motor with 8-10 hours of battery life, 4 storage bins, an integrated umbrella, and an optional audio package with marine approved hi-fidelity 500 watt speakers, amplifier, satellite radio and a MP3 connection.

Lest you feel selfish for dropping $24,000 on such a floating bar, you can rest easy knowing it’s made in America from 45% reclaimed material, and is 80% recyclable. Continue reading